SCSA – Steel Challenge Shooting Association

We meet on the 2nd Saturday each month, weather permitting. We utilize all 5 east pistol bays.

Steel Challenge is an arm of USPSA. However, Steel Challenge courses are very different. Steel Challenge is a 100% speed shoot. Each stage has 5 steel targets, with one of those targets designated as the stop target or stop plate. The targets are engaged in whatever order the shooter sees fit with time stopping when the stop plate is hit. Each stage is shot five times with the time to complete each of the five strings recorded. The slowest time is discarded and the cumulative time of the other four strings is the score for the stage. Misses earn a penalty of 3 seconds per miss.

Steel Challenge divisions are the same as USPSA. In addition, there are four rimfire divisions. Rimfire pistol iron sights, rimfire pistol optics, rimfire rifle iron sights and rimfire rifle optics. Centerfire handgun divisions start with the handgun loaded and holstered with your hands above your shoulders. PCC and all rimfire divisions start with the firearm loaded and aimed in the general direction of a starting cone.

Steel Challenge has eight official classifier stages. Scores from these stages are used to calculate the shooter’s classification. Classifications are based on a percentage of the par times set on those stages at National Championship matches. Classifications run from D class up to Grand Master. Grand Master class shooters usually complete a five-target string in under 2 seconds!

Our Steel Challenge matches will include two of the classifier stages plus three unofficial freestyle stages. We will rotate all eight of the classifier stages through and we will also run at least one match each year that will include all eight of the official stages. Round count for a typical match is 125-150 rounds per division. Matches take about 2 to 2-1/2 hours to complete.

Matches are $15, juniors (age 17 un under) $5. You may enter multiple divisions for an additional $5 each. We utilize Practiscore for match registration. Look up 2Alpha Practical Shooters. Our SCSA club designation is SCSA147.

You can read more about Steel Challenge at SCSA.org. There you can find the specific division equipment requirements along with the competition rules. There are also many YouTube videos to be found.

For questions or more information about our local matches, contact Match Director, Walt Coltrin, Ph (417) 569-2836 or Assistant Match Director Todd Carson, Ph (402) 953-7861. E-mail at USPSA2Alpha@gmail.com. You can also visit the 2Alpha Practical Shooters Facebook page.