Single Shot Matches

These matches are for Single Shot and Lever action rifles only. 

We shoot Centerfire, Lead Bullet, Iron Sights and Single Shot-Centerfire, Lead Bullet, with Scope

Single shot and Lever action are separate matches

One Piece rests are not allowed

Must have a minimum 3 Shooters for a Match

Range open at 9:00AM Matches start at 10:00AM


Single Shot rules:

5 Targets- 10 Shots each target- Match fee $5.00

3 Targets bench rest@ 100 yards 2 targets offhand @ 50 yards. May use different rifle for offhand or bench

Winner of each target wins $1.00 Overall winner wins $5.00


Lever Action rules:

Center Fire, Lead Bullet, Pistol Caliber, Iron Sight

5 Targets—10 shots each target Match fee $5.00

2 Targets bench rest@100 yards—3 Targets offhand @50 yards

Winner of each target wins $1.00 Overall winner wins $5.00


200 Yard Match:

After the above matches, there will be a one shot, off-hand match at a 200 Yard steel buffalo. 

Single Shot or Lever Action rifle can be used. Each person that wants to participate will put $1.00 in the pot. Last shooter to hit the gong at their turn is the winner and takes the pot.


300 Yard Match:

Ten shots at a steel buffalo. 

Shot in shooter sequence using cross sticks. 

May be sitting on the ground or short stool. 

Single shot rifle, iron sights, black or smokeless powder, lead bullet. 

Each shooter that wants to participate will put a dollar in the pot. The most hits wins the pot. In the event of a tie for first place, tied shooters will continue until only one shooter hits when it is his turn.


We shoot a 22 rimfire silhouette match after the Single Shot/ Lever Action Matches.

Limited to participants in the Single Shot/ Lever Action Match.

Any 22 rimfire rifle, scoped or iron sights, shot off hand standing.

Ten shots at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards.

$5.00 match fee.

Prizes are 40% 1st, 30% 2nd, 20% 3rd after expenses.

Top prize limited at $10.00.

Ties will be ended by the number of turkey hits, then the most consecutive hits if necessary.


Bruce Champ is the match director you can contact him at 417-343-5898