IDPA - International Defensive Pistol Association

Matches are the 3rd Saturday of every month, March through December, utilizing the East Pistol Bays 1 through 5.

Pre-registration at www.practiscore.com is requested.  Search for SBRC IDPA. 
A match consists of six courses of fire using a maximum round count of  90. Of course, bring extra rounds, we recommend at least 120 per match.

The courses of fire are designed to replicate a defensive stance, shooting around barriers, from cover (walls, etc.) and does require a concealment garment.

The match rules and additional information can be found at www.IDPA.com.

Patrick Moyna is the current match director and he can be reached at 417-840-8008.

Gina Coats is the assistant match director and she can be reached at 417-224-0075.

Silhouette Shooting Venue

The silhouette matches have been enjoyed by shooters who enjoy a challenge for nearly 40 years.   Kids can shoot off of a tripod or off our bench’s if they are really young.    Bring your single shot rifle or a ruger 10 22 all are welcome to shoot .  We encourage young and old and women to come shoot with us. Our Main objective is to have FUN. The falling steel animals are fairly big, but shooting unsupported really levels the playing field.  The Ranges are 25, 50, 75. And 100 yards.  We offer separate classes for all shooters so that they a have a chance to win a first place in their class and an extra ticket in the drawing to win back their 5 dollar entry fee. First time shooters have always shot for free, so give it a try, we will make you feel welcome and show you a good time.  Our main goal is to provide a fun shooting experience for one and all.  Come on out and check us out. We will be glad to see you.

Ozark Precision Rimfire

Matches are focused on skills development and casual competition in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great opportunity to challenge your marksmanship skills from obstacles and barricades engaging targets as small as ¼ of an inch to 6 inches. Stages will have multiple steel targets ranging anywhere from 25 to 100 yards. Each month is a different course of fire. There will be great mix of new and experienced shooters who love to share knowledge with others who are interested.
Magazine fed .22LR rifles only (Air Rifles are accepted according to NRL22 Air Rifle Rules) (NO .22MAG or pistols)
You must use the same rifle for all stages. Rounds Required: 80 rounds + extra for zero & practice
We will closely follow the NRL22 rules and monthly course of fire plus 1 to 3 bonus stages. Come out and try shooting NRL22 and have some fun. If you have a handicap and cannot get into some of the positions, we will make accommodations (Adaptive Class). 
Our matches are the third Saturday of the month on the 50-300 range and the cost is $20 per adult and $10 per junior.

Contact information:

Seth Farrell



CMP Matches

On the SBRC calendar, you will find matches called “CMP.” These are sanctioned by the Civilian
Marksmanship Program and run locally by the Osage Orange Sharpshooters (OOS)
A full schedule may be viewed at the OOS website listed above. A couple of fun shoots begin the year,
and these are simply made-up games to occupy the winter months. Bring out any rifle and some
ammunition, say 40 rounds.
But the main match throughout the year is listed as “Any CMP Games Rifle,” meaning it is a match
using any of the rifles listed in the CMP Games Competition Rules for Rifle and Pistol. People usually
use an M1 Garand, 03A3 Springfield, M1 Carbine, Krag, Mauser or even more modern rifles such as
an M1A or AR15. The intent is to use old military rifles. But if you have a rifle of any type you want
to shoot with us, please come out and try.
This is traditional bullseye shooting from multiple positions. Our typical match includes 5 sighting
shots (not for record), 10 shots slow fire from the prone postion, 10 shots rapid fire in 80 seconds from
the prone position starting standing, and 10 shots slow fire standing offhand. So 35 shots including
sighters. Targets are the NRA SR-1 at 100 yards. For awards we use the CMP Achievement tables
which are based on the top 10% of shooters in the National Matches. The awards are small medals
based on national averages.
We generally use electronically-scored targets which belong to individual members. To use these a
shooter needs a smart phone, tablet, or laptop computer with wifi and a web browser such as Chrome,
Firefox, or Safari. Shots are displayed instantly in the web browser. We can loan you a tablet.
The simplest way to get started is to come to one of our matches with the intent to shoot. We will loan
you a rifle and sell you 35 rounds of surplus .30-06 for $20. You will watch one relay shoot, and then
the experienced shooter on that point will coach you through all the steps. Registration costs $7 or you
can join the Osage Orange Sharpshooters for $30 and shoot for free at all our matches.
The Civilian Marksmanship Program has a wealth of information on their web sit (www.TheCMP.org).
Most people get into this discipline because they want to qualify to buy a rifle (or now a pistol) from
the CMP. We encourage you to do this, as the supply of M1 Garands is running low. Membership in
the Osage Orange Sharpshooters, fulfills one of the requirements for purchasing from the CMP

American Rim Fire

The ARA is a sanctioning body for .22lr bench rest competitions.  Both the Unlimited and Factory class have 20 minutes to shoot a 25 bull target for a maximum score of 2500.  For all info go to AMERICANRIMFIRE.COM.  . We shoot both classes together. Saturday matches are 6 cards with registration and setup beginning at 0800, match starts at 1000 and Monday Night matches are 3 cards with registration and setup beginning at 1700 match starts at 1900. Point of contact: Frank Toth (Match Director) PH# 417-8752-3371 Email: franktothjr4@gmail.com

USPSA – United States Practical Shooting Association

We meet on the 4th Saturday each month, weather permitting. We utilize all 5 east pistol bays.

The stages of a USPSA match will test a wide variety of shooting challenges. The main thing that sets USPSA apart from other practical shooting sports is that except for special classifier stages, it is up to the shooter to decide the fastest and most efficient way to complete the course of fire.

The way USPSA matches are scored is another draw to the sport for many. Scores are calculated using both the time to complete the course and accuracy scored by accumulated points. In this way both speed and accuracy are relatively equally important.

Matches typically require 120-130 rounds minimum. Stages typically require 22-28 rounds, but will never exceed 32 rounds. Some stages may require reloads at specific points during the course of fire or may require the use of strong hand or weak hand only shooting.

There is a division for pretty much nay centerfire handgun and well as pistol caliber carbine. You will need your handgun, a holster, 2-3 magazines and mag pouches.

 Matches are $20, juniors (age 17 un under) $10. We utilize Practiscore for match registration. Look up 2Alpha Practical Shooters. Our USPSA club designation is MO21.

You can read more about USPSA at USPSA.org. There you can find the specific division equipment requirements along with the competition rules. There are also many YouTube videos to be found.

For questions or more information about our local matches, contact Match Director, Walt Coltrin, Ph (417) 569-2836 or email at USPSA2Alpha@gmail.com. You can also visit the 2Alpha Practical Shooters Facebook page


SCSA – Steel Challenge Shooting Association

We meet on the 2nd Saturday each month, weather permitting. We utilize all 5 east pistol bays.

Steel Challenge is an arm of USPSA. However, Steel Challenge courses are very different. Steel Challenge is a 100% speed shoot. Each stage has 5 steel targets, with one of those targets designated as the stop target or stop plate. The targets are engaged in whatever order the shooter sees fit with time stopping when the stop plate is hit. Each stage is shot five times with the time to complete each of the five strings recorded. The slowest time is discarded and the cumulative time of the other four strings is the score for the stage. Misses earn a penalty of 3 seconds per miss.

Steel Challenge divisions are the same as USPSA. In addition, there are four rimfire divisions. Rimfire pistol iron sights, rimfire pistol optics, rimfire rifle iron sights and rimfire rifle optics. Centerfire handgun divisions start with the handgun loaded and holstered with your hands above your shoulders. PCC and all rimfire divisions start with the firearm loaded and aimed in the general direction of a starting cone.

Steel Challenge has eight official classifier stages. Scores from these stages are used to calculate the shooter’s classification. Classifications are based on a percentage of the par times set on those stages at National Championship matches. Classifications run from D class up to Grand Master. Grand Master class shooters usually complete a five-target string in under 2 seconds!

Our Steel Challenge matches will include two of the classifier stages plus three unofficial freestyle stages. We will rotate all eight of the classifier stages through and we will also run at least one match each year that will include all eight of the official stages. Round count for a typical match is 125-150 rounds per division. Matches take about 2 to 2-1/2 hours to complete.

Matches are $15, juniors (age 17 un under) $5. You may enter multiple divisions for an additional $5 each. We utilize Practiscore for match registration. Look up 2Alpha Practical Shooters. Our SCSA club designation is SCSA147.

You can read more about Steel Challenge at SCSA.org. There you can find the specific division equipment requirements along with the competition rules. There are also many YouTube videos to be found.

For questions or more information about our local matches, contact Match Director, Walt Coltrin, Ph (417) 569-2836 or Assistant Match Director Todd Carson, Ph (402) 953-7861. E-mail at USPSA2Alpha@gmail.com. You can also visit the 2Alpha Practical Shooters Facebook page.


Matches are for 22 Rimfire shot at 50yrds.

All matches start at 7PM prompt, some earlier time for sighting in.

Three (3) target match, with 2 separate classes. Any scope OK Factory class must shoot off sandbag front and rear bags that are separated.

Stock, action and barrel must be factory, excludes custom like Voodoo.

The 25 bull target is our green larger one.

Unlimited mean unlimited rifle or stock (one piece OK) The 25 bull target is the white one with smaller scoring rings.

Match fee is $5.00 and Junior shooters (>17) shoot free.

This continues our long tradition of rimfire matches and provides shooters with chance to practice for formal (ARRA) matches and to test guns and ammo.

Sid Melancon- match director


Single Shot and Lever action rifles only- Centerfire, Lead Bullet, Iron Sights

Also, Single Shot-Centerfire, Lead Bullet, Scope

Single shot and Lever action are separate matches

One Piece rests are not allowed

Must have a minimum 3 Shooters for a Match

Range open at 9:00AM- Matches start at 10:00AM

Single Shot rules:

5 Targets- 10 Shots each target- Match fee $5.00

3 Targets bench rest@ 100 yards—2 targets offhand @ 50 yards. May use different rifle for offhand or bench

Winner of each target wins $1.00—Overall winner wins $5.00

Lever Action rules:

Center Fire, Lead Bullet, Pistol Caliber, Iron Sight

5 Targets—10 shots each target—Match fee $5.00

2 Targets bench rest@100 yards—3 Targets offhand @50 yards

Winner of each target wins $1.00—Overall winner wins $5.00


200 Yard Match

After the above matches, there will be a one shot, off-hand match at a 200 Yard steel buffalo. Single Shot or Lever Action rifle can be used. Each person that wants to participate will put $1.00 in the pot. Last shooter to hit the gong at their turn is the winner and takes the pot.


300 Yard Match

Ten shots at a steel buffalo. Shot in shooter sequence using cross sticks. May be sitting on the ground or short stool. Single shot rifle, iron sights, black or smokeless powder, lead bullet. Each shooter that wants to participate will put a dollar in the pot. The most hits wins the pot. In the event of a tie for first place, tied shooters will continue until only one shooter hits when it is his turn.


We shoot a 22 rimfire silhouette match after the Single Shot/ Lever Action Matches.

Any 22 rimfire rifle, scoped or iron sights, shot off hand standing.

Ten shots at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards.

$5.00 match fee.

 Prizes are 40% 1st, 30% 2nd, 20% 3rd after expenses.

Top prize limited at $10.00.

Limited to participants in the Single Shot/ Lever Action Match.

Ties will be ended by the number of turkey hits, then the most consecutive hits if necessary.


Contact:  Bruce Champ 417-343-5898