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Thank you for your interest in the Springfield Benchrest Rifle Club.

Dues:  for first year members, there is a $200.00 first year new member initiation fee in addition to $200.00 for dues = $400.00 for your first year.  After that, dues are $200.00 per year.  First Year dues are pro-rated quarterly, for those who join SBRC after March of each year.

How to get on the sbrc new membership list and become a club member:  Please complete the application located on the website and pay the $200 initiation fee deposit online with a credit card.  You must be sponsored into the club by a current member.  If you do not know anyone currently in the club, ask Steve Eidson for some ideas on how to find a sponsor.  Once your application is received, it will be voted on at the next, regularly scheduled SBRC Board of Directors’ meeting.  If tentatively approved by the SBRC board of directors, the next step is to complete the SBRC range orientation.  This is important.  It takes about 45 minutes.  Arrangements will be made to meet with the prospective member at the range.   SBRC by-laws, range rules, emergency procedures, where neighbor’s homes are in the area, what you should bring to the range with you, what can not be shot at the range, expectations and SBRC history and tradition will be covered.   Once the prospective member completes SBRC orientation, and pays his/ or her initiation fees and dues, the applicant will receive a range gate combination, a SBRC membership card and be made an official, active member of the Springfield Benchrest Rifle Club.

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