Membership Benefits:

Access to Modern Facilities: Highlight the features and amenities of your club’s shooting range, including shooting benches, target distances, and any unique facilities that members can enjoy.

Community and Networking: Emphasize the sense of camaraderie and the opportunity to connect with fellow shooting enthusiasts, both experienced and beginners.

Training and Education: Mention any training programs, workshops, or educational resources available exclusively to members.

Competitions and Events: Describe any club-specific competitions, events, or matches that members can participate in or attend.

Membership process

Membership Eligibility: Specify who is eligible to become a member, whether it’s open to the general public or has specific requirements.

Application Form: Include a link to or embed an application form that prospective members can fill out online. Ensure that the form is user-friendly and collects all necessary information.

Review and Approval: Explain the process of how applications are reviewed and approved. Mention any waiting periods or background checks, if applicable.

Membership Fees:

Dues:  for first year members, there is a $200.00 first year new member initiation fee in addition to $200.00 for dues = $400.00 for your first year.  After that, dues are $200.00 per year.  First Year dues are pro-rated quarterly, for those who join SBRC after March of each year.

Renewal and Cancellations

Describe the process for canceling or suspending a membership, if applicable.