May 23, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone

Centerfire Benchrest Rules
Official Rules

1. All matches will be held at SBRC – Billings, MO
2. All range rules of the SBRC will be in effect and adhered to. Safety is the utmost concern, the match director will be in charge, bolts will be removed at all times, until the match director instructs the shooters to place bolts in guns. Semi-auto guns must utilize a chamber flag. Failure to comply with any safety requirements may result in immediate disqualification.
3. We will draw for benches, unless waived by match director
4. There will be three class – Factory, Custom Sporter, and Unlimited
5. Sandbags must be utilized for front and rear rests. Bipods are allowed as a substitute for front rests. No mechanical or monopod rear rests.
6. There will be 5 record shots for score on each yardage target with a 7 minute time limit to complete each target. There is a sighter area in each target, the shooter may fire unlimited sighter shots within the 7 minute time frame
7. All class will be shot first at 100 yds, then 200 yds, and finally at 300 yds. The order of the day will be Factory first, Custom Sporter second, and finally Unlimited.
8. Targets utilize best edge scoring, 10 points max for each shot plus X counts used for tie breakers. All shots will be scored/plugged to a .308 equivalent hole
9. There will be a $4.00 entry fee for each yardage in each class. Shooters may opt to shoot any yardages within each class. There is no mandatory participation.
10. $3.00 from each entry fee will be payed back to shooters as prize money. Prize money will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finisher for each yardage within each class. There will be a door prize drawing for each class.
11. Any ties will add and split the prize money (two people tie for 1st place – 1st and 2nd place money added and split)
12. Muzzle brakes are allowed in all classes, however, if any single participant has an objection, we will fire separate relays for muzzle and non-muzzle brake rifles
13. If the shooter fires into a score target on the first shot on that target, an alibi can be awarded to the shooter by the match director, providing the shooter notifies the match director immediately after firing the shot and before another shot is fired on the target. It will be at the match director’s discretion.

Example shoot payout schedule:
10 shooters @ $4.00 entry fee = $40, Total prize money = $30
First place $12.00 (40%)
Second place $9.00 (30%)
Third place $6.00 (20%)
Door prize $3.00 (10%)
The above example percentage payout will be utilized for each yardage in each class. Total prize money for the day for each shooter will be rounded to the nearest $0.25.

Weight limit 17.5 lbs with scope
Factory over the counter actions guns only factory barrels, factory stocks
Any scope, any trigger, front adapter plate allowed 3.5” max
Custom Sporter
Weight limit 20 lbs w/scope
Factory actions only – no custom actions
Maximum width of stocks = 2.75 inches
Any scope, any trigger, any barrel
Front adapter plate allowed 2.75” max Kirk J Larson
Weight limit 25 lbs with scope
Any scope, any trigger
For all classes, pistols allowed, no caliber larger than .308