CMP Matches

On the SBRC calendar, you will find matches called “CMP.” These are sanctioned by the Civilian
Marksmanship Program and run locally by the Osage Orange Sharpshooters (OOS)
A full schedule may be viewed at the OOS website listed above. A couple of fun shoots begin the year,
and these are simply made-up games to occupy the winter months. Bring out any rifle and some
ammunition, say 40 rounds.
But the main match throughout the year is listed as “Any CMP Games Rifle,” meaning it is a match
using any of the rifles listed in the CMP Games Competition Rules for Rifle and Pistol. People usually
use an M1 Garand, 03A3 Springfield, M1 Carbine, Krag, Mauser or even more modern rifles such as
an M1A or AR15. The intent is to use old military rifles. But if you have a rifle of any type you want
to shoot with us, please come out and try.
This is traditional bullseye shooting from multiple positions. Our typical match includes 5 sighting
shots (not for record), 10 shots slow fire from the prone postion, 10 shots rapid fire in 80 seconds from
the prone position starting standing, and 10 shots slow fire standing offhand. So 35 shots including
sighters. Targets are the NRA SR-1 at 100 yards. For awards we use the CMP Achievement tables
which are based on the top 10% of shooters in the National Matches. The awards are small medals
based on national averages.
We generally use electronically-scored targets which belong to individual members. To use these a
shooter needs a smart phone, tablet, or laptop computer with wifi and a web browser such as Chrome,
Firefox, or Safari. Shots are displayed instantly in the web browser. We can loan you a tablet.
The simplest way to get started is to come to one of our matches with the intent to shoot. We will loan
you a rifle and sell you 35 rounds of surplus .30-06 for $20. You will watch one relay shoot, and then
the experienced shooter on that point will coach you through all the steps. Registration costs $7 or you
can join the Osage Orange Sharpshooters for $30 and shoot for free at all our matches.
The Civilian Marksmanship Program has a wealth of information on their web sit (www.TheCMP.org).
Most people get into this discipline because they want to qualify to buy a rifle (or now a pistol) from
the CMP. We encourage you to do this, as the supply of M1 Garands is running low. Membership in
the Osage Orange Sharpshooters, fulfills one of the requirements for purchasing from the CMP